Arkansas Names Five Companies Offered Licenses To Grow Marijuana

Feb 28, 2018

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission members Dr. Carlos Roman and James Miller at Tuesday's meeting.
Credit Bobby Amppezan / Arkansas Public Media

A key step in the implementation of Arkansas's voter-approved medical marijuana program took place Tuesday, as five companies were announced who are being offered licenses to grow marijuana. 95 had applied. 

The winning companies were scored individually by the members of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission, with key information such as names and other details redacted so there would be no favoritism in who was awarded licenses.

The five companies have seven days to pay a $100,000 licensing fee and post a $500,000 performance bond. Runner-up companies were also named in case the winning five are unable to meet those obligations.

Arkansas Public Media's Bobby Ampezzan covered Tuesday's meeting and joined KUAR's Michael Hibblen live on the air to discuss the proceedings. You can listen to the interview above.