Ashdown Council Allows Mayor To Talk With About Deadly KCS Rail Crossings

Dec 10, 2013

A Kansas CIty Southern freight train passes through Ashdown in 2011.
Credit flickr

Ashdown city council members say Mayor Carroll McLarty can talk with Kansas City Southern railroad officials about plans to close some crossings in the city.

The railroad has suggested closing at least two of the town's crossings, where four people have died in train-vehicle accidents since 2009.

The Texarkana Gazette reported Tuesday that McLarty told council members that they owed it to the public to do so something.

Council Member Tina Chandler says she herself had been distracted at the crossings and that anyone on the council could have been killed by a train. A 41-year-old woman died last month.

The railroad said it is willing to work with the city and state to address safety the crossings, including upgrades for gates and flashing lights.