Author And Humorist David Sedaris Comes To Little Rock

May 28, 2013

Credit David Sedaris Books

Comedian, author, and frequent public radio contributor, David Sedaris, will be in Little Rock on Tuesday for his spring book tour.  

We called him up to find out more about what he likes to read, his typical day, and his latest book, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls.

Some interesting tidbits interview: 

On when his love for writing developed...
“Really, writing didn’t become pleasurable until I started doing it for an audience of no one. Until I knew it was not going to be judged, or heard, or critiqued by anyone. And, that I could write however I wanted to. At that point it became interesting to me.”

When asked what types of books he likes to read...
“But I like books, I like non-fiction books about horrible things…”

On touring and traveling...
“I normally don’t get to see a lot when I’m on tour, but I get to talk to people. I’d rather talk to people than see things.”

A day in the life...
“I like to get up at 10:30 and I just go right to my desk.” 

For more about  David Sedaris, and what he does with the rest of his day, listen to the full interview found at the top of this page.