The Expansion Of Custom Aircraft Cabinets Creates 150 New Jobs

Jan 30, 2013

A Sherwood-based company that makes furnishings for airplanes on Wednesday opened a new facility.


It is also expanding its workforce, creating 150 additional jobs.

KUAR’s Kezia Nanda was at the grand opening. You can listen to her report above.

A large crowd was on hand as Custom Aircraft Cabinets opened the new facility on Landers Road, the building which had previously housed a National Home Center.

Mike Gueringer co-founded the company, which makes cabinetry and upholstery for aircraft, 24 years ago in North Little Rock.

“The journey from that tiny garage to this building has been a long and very interesting ride. We’ve grown from two employees, just Paul and I to over 170 people and we anticipate growing to nearly 300 over the next two years,” said Gueringer.

Republican Second district Congressman Tim Griffin said, “This is an example of the American Dream. It really is.”

Griffin notes that much of the company’s business is providing furnishing for luxury jets.

“The next time you hear politicians bashing people buying the jets that you put work in…If you’re standing near them, shout out at them “Hey, that’s not fair!” because these are great paying jobs.”

Several people who would like to be hired by the company came out to the grand opening, including Vincent English who hopes to help run the company’s computer operations and Viola Keys of Sherwood who would like to be hired as a finisher.

“I hope that it brings lots of jobs, career, and I’m looking forward to be apart of this establishment,” said Keys.

Co-owner Paul Reesnes says they are looking for potential employees with cabinet building skills.

Custom Aircraft Cabinets invested almost $6 million in the new facility, which is located a mile from its main plant.