Expansion Of The Pulaski County Jail Complete, Inmates Moving In

Nov 14, 2012

Working building an expansion to the Pulaski County Detention Center has been finished and inmates are being moved in this week.

Wednesday afternoon, KUAR’s Kezia Nanda got a look at the facility.  You can listen to her report above.

Credit pcso.org

The facility has offices for deputies, a visitation room, classroom and six large cells, each with 40 beds and a bathroom.

Sheriff Doc Holladay said the expansion was financed by Pulaski County’s general fund without taxes being raised.

"The fact that it is paid for and now with these cities in agreement to help us operate it, I’m extremely pleased.”

Now Holladay says the Pulaski County Jail can hold about 1,400 inmates, which is 240 more than before.

"There’s always going to be criminals and those criminals need to be held accountable. The question is how many of those can we keep locked up and how many are going to continue to remain on the street and continue to commit crime," said Holladay.

"Since the county operates this jail, it’s my responsibility to see that we have a jail that is sufficient to meet the needs of law enforcements and protect the citizens of this county.  This is a great step forward."

But it will eventually need to be expanded even more, with a study by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock suggesting it will need to be able to house 1,500 to 1,600 inmates.