With Freezing Temperatures Forecast, Central Arkansas Shelters Planning To Open

Dec 5, 2017

The Salvation Army located near downtown Little Rock.
Credit Image via Bad City of Little Rock

This week central Arkansas is forecast to experience some cold nights with temperatures dipping below freezing. The National Weather Service says Thursday night will be one the coldest nights so far this season with lows dropping into the mid-20s.

Senior Forecaster John Lewis says the cold air is coming because of a change from a westerly direction to a northern direction.

"The pattern is changing a bit so the flow is coming more out of Canada," Lewis said. "That will drive a front into Arkansas from the north and that's where the cold air will come from."

In anticipation of the cold conditions, the Salvation Army will open its warming center on West Markham for those looking for a place to stay. Spokeswoman Michelle Scroggins says space will be available on a first come first serve basis.

"We are a women and children center, so we will definitely take families," Scroggins says. "However with single men, we will serve them, but we will help them find another warming center within Little Rock."

As for items people can donate to the Salvation Army to help keep those without shelter warm, Scroggins encourages people to donate, hats, sweaters, coats, coffee, and hot chocolate. Temperatures are forecast to be below freezing for three nights before warming up slightly on Sunday. Another round of freezing weather is then possible starting Tuesday.