New High-tech Health Care Center Trains Students On Life-like Manikins

Apr 1, 2011

A state-of-the-art facility at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences will give nursing, pharmacy, and medical students’ hands-on training with computerized life-like manikins. The new Simulation Center also has trauma bays, hospital bedrooms, and special treatment rooms that can be converted into a public place, like a cafeteria, so students hone their skills. Michael Manley runs the center.

Peter Leake (left), playing the role of husband to the expectant simulated patient named Noel, and Julie Warner, R.N., wait for the delivery to begin.
Credit UAMS

“You’re not going to put a pilot in an airplane unless they’ve gone through simulation and health care professionals need to be the same way,” said Manley. “If we want better patient outcomes, then simulator training is must. We want staff and students to practice and become better so they can make the right decisions when real lives are on the line.”

Manley says other scenarios at the center will prepare students for handling chaotic situations and even a patient’s death.

The simulation center at UAMS also plans on having some training sessions available through video conferencing technology so medical professionals can observe and learn at hospitals and clinics in other parts of the state.

Ashley Ross, M.D., leads the intubation of a newborn to help it breathe.
Credit UAMS

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