Passenger Satisfaction Study For Clinton National Airport Positive

Nov 19, 2013

Over 80% of recently surveyed customers said they were satisfied with their travel experience at Little Rock’s Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. 

The survey was released Tuesday and comes after receiving the title of “worst airport” in the country last month by Travel + Leisure  magazine.

Little Rock now ranks in the middle among about 100 airports across the U.S., says airport spokesman Shane Carter. 

"While there's certainly room for improvement, it shows that we're not the worst airport in the country and when you're looking at over 80% of those that were surveyed are happy with the airport, I think that does speak volumes for not only the $67 million that the airport commission has invested to improve our facilities, but a lot of the other initiatives that we've done recently," Carter said.

He adds that conducting the independent survey was important in order to better serve the needs and wants of their customers.

The survey reports four out of five customers are satisfied with the airport, with two out of five saying they are “very satisfied.”