Sen. Mark Pryor Pitches Jobs Legislation

Jul 25, 2014

File photo of Senator Pryor from February 2014.
Credit David Wallace / KUAR News

Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor is supporting legislation to limit tax breaks for companies that move operations overseas and to require most publicly financed projects to use American-made steel and iron as he faces a tough re-election fight.

The two-term lawmaker from Arkansas on Friday unveiled a package of bills he says are aimed at creating more jobs.

Part of the package includes legislation already introduced in the Senate that would prevent companies from deducting expenses related to moving operations to a foreign country.

Pryor is also sponsoring separate proposals requiring federal agencies to use American-made steel and iron in projects unless they can justify a waiver, and creating a voluntary labeling system to identify American goods.

Pryor is being challenged by Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton.