Sequestration Cuts Are Being Felt At Little Rock’s Central High School National Historic Site

Mar 8, 2013

Officials with the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site say they are trying to not lay off workers due to sequestration cuts.



Superintendent Robin White with the National Park Service said their budget will be reduced by 5 %, which is about $48,000.  

White said, “I feel that this is a challenge and we have to be creative and we have to look at how we can continue to serve the public and our employees with the minimum negative impact, so to speak. So, we just have to put our creative hats on and get to work.”

“We are not losing employees. If necessary we would be cutting back on programs.”

White said the programs will include some education and special events programs which may impact about 7,000 students from Arkansas and neighboring states.

White says The Central High site notes the historic integration of the school in 1957.