Little Rock

Little Rock Police
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An ordinance that would require officers with the Little Rock Police Department to reside within the city is to eventually be presented to the Little Rock Board of Directors.

Toney Orr, a community activist, says having police live in Little Rock would help them connect with the communities they serve.

The Little Rock Zoo says it's received a nearly $3 million trust donation, making it the largest gift in the zoo's history.

The trust will establish an endowment fund called the Jayne and Fletcher Jackson Foundation and will benefit the Arkansas Zoological Foundation, which raises money for the zoo. The trust was established after Jayne Jackson died in December at the age of 70.

The zoo says Jayne Jackson had decided with her late husband, Fletcher, to set up the trust with the zoo as the benefactor.

City of Little Rock

A Little Rock Community Programs Advisory Committee is reviewing input for an updated Youth Master Plan this Thursday. 

The Community Programs office has held 30 community meetings to update its plan, first drafted 20 years ago, in an effort to fight crime and create opportunities for Little Rock youth in disadvantaged neighborhoods.  

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The City of Little Rock is launching a five-year sewage-line upgrade, called Project Renew, to its 1,400 miles of municipal pipes.

Greg Ramon, CEO of Little Rock Wastewater, said certain neighborhoods, Leawood, Briarwood, and Wingate, are priorities for improvements. It is a routine upgrade to the systems to replace old pipes to Keep rain and groundwater out of homes, and avoid sewage backups.

“The goal is to provide a reliable, cost effective system that will meet the need today, as well as for future generations," he said.

The Little Rock Zoo has announced the death of its male orangutan.

The zoo said in a news release Monday that Rok died last week after failing to recover from anesthesia following a medical procedure. The zoo says the medical procedure included a dental evaluation and an echocardiogram to check for signs of heart disease.

The zoo says Rok was 30 and had lived at the zoo since 1988.

The zoo says the median life expectancy for orangutans in zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums such as the Little Rock Zoo is just more than 28 years.

The City of Little Rock's proposed 2016 budget includes increased training courses and municipal funds to replace previously grant-funded positions at the Little Rock Police and Fire Departments.

According to City Manager Bruce Moore, public safety is a priority for the city's more than $250 million budget next year. 

"We're ensuring we fill those positions as soon as they become vacant. On average we lose about 25 positions to retirements and transfers and so on," said Moore. 

David Monteith / KUAR

Revitalizing the downtown Main Street area by making it a hub for arts organizations is a project first conceived by Mayor Mark Stodola in 2007. Eight years in the making, he looks forward to announcing the completion of the first phase.

Chimp chimpanzee Little Rock Zoo
Little Rock Zoo

The Little Rock Zoo has announced the birth of a chimpanzee.

The zoo said Monday that the male chimp was born July 18 to Mahale. The father has not been identified, but the zoo said officials believe it is Kijana - the alpha male chimpanzee of the group.

The zoo is also asking the public to help choose a name for the baby chimp.

The staff has selected three names - Jumoke, which is Swahili for "everyone loves the child;" Kgosi, which is Setswana for "king" or "chief;" and Kibale for the Kibale National Park in Uganda.

U.S.S. Little Rock
Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin will debut its first-ever live stream launch of the future USS Little Rock on Friday at the Marinette Marine shipyard in Wisconsin. 

The warship, named after the Arkansas capital city, is the latest in the line of the nation’s new fast and mobile small surface Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) that is intended for stealth combat operations close to the shore.

Kanis Park skateboarding
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Members of the Little Rock skateboarding community were joined by Mayor Mark Stodola and other city officials in Kanis Park Monday morning to receive a check for $150,000. In addition to comments by city officials, Allen Taylor, a member of the local skate community, spoke about the history of the park and his vision for improvements.

Taylor said he was excited about “more stuff to skate obviously, but tying the existing bowl into our DIY stuff – there’s nothing else like that around the country so this is really awesome. It’s quite a feat.”