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Nature In The Natural State: Carolina Wrens Nesting

This month, we are sharing our own personal experiences in nature.

I’ve again this year had two pair of Carolina wrens display their great energy in the dense and undisturbed bushes of my house. They feed on insects, caterpillars and spiders on the grounds and are particular at the feeders. The monogamous pairs have created nests using discovered materials positioned into unique and unintended nesting places such as upturned bicycle helmets, or gardening shoes on a shelf.

So, if you are fortunate to hear a melodious call and can track it to a small, brownish-red wren with white and dark brown eye stripes and a constantly erect tail hopping on perches, keep your eyes focused for a nest discovery. Since ancient times, wrens have symbolized action, accuracy, watchfulness and enthusiasm in life. I find comfort with this.