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How do classical artists grab attention these days? Simple — or, actually, not so simple at all. They build their fan bases on YouTube, one page hit at a time.

Marches Madness: Heralding The Pope

Mar 14, 2013

Breaking: Pope Francis Loves Opera

Mar 13, 2013

Here's a quick side note to today's big news ...

Immediately after the announcement of the papal election result and the name the new pope had chosen, Brian Williams of NBC News asked New York's Cardinal Edward Egan about the new pontiff, Francis.

"Your Eminence?" Williams said.

Marches Madness: Patriotic Pandemonium

Mar 13, 2013

Making art out of war is an ancient path — either as a means to quite literally sing the praises of warriors' brave deeds and martial power, or to forward a particular political agenda, noble or not.

Dan Deacon On Q2 Music's 'Spaces'

Mar 12, 2013

The music of electroacoustic composer Dan Deacon is defined by its extreme eclecticism. A tangle of sputtering beats, Disklaviers and homemade instruments, Deacon's compositional style draws as much from Conlon Nancarrow and electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott as it does from the worlds of pop, electronic and dance music.

It's a question virtually as old as the art forms themselves: Are ballet and opera elitist?

Elephants, Egyptian palaces, politics and love triangles — now we're talking grand opera!

Marches Madness: Sticking Together

Mar 11, 2013

Chekhov said you shouldn't include a gun in a play if it's not going to be fired. The same rule applies to the line of snare drummers standing stock still at the start of this video.