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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our service elevates voices. We recognize that we must be especially attentive to those whose voices have been historically underheard and underserved. Acknowledging that race has been a defining issue in central Arkansas, KLRE/KUAR actively works to create and to maintain an environment of belonging; to represent diverse perspectives in our communities and our workplace; to recognize and reduce bias, and to help our community do the same through news and cultural programming.

Action Items

UA Little Rock Public Radio sets these goals and will undertake these actions related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to further its mission and values:


  • Make a concerted effort to focus on news coverage through the lens of race and ethnicity
  • Develop and support long-form reporting and news features that focus on issues of diversity and equity in our region
  • Log sources used for comment and expertise on news stories and programming in order to track diversity among the experts, sources, and subjects we cover in our news and programming
  • Log programming in order to track diversity among hosts, guests and content
  • Review national programming for both KLRE and KUAR through a DEI lense and propose changes
  • Use diversity as a primary consideration for panelists on our Issues That Matter community series, which is a partnership with the League of Women Voters and the Central Arkansas Library System


  • Promote DEI in recruitment of KLRE/KUAR staff, interns, and members of the Friends of KLRE/KUAR Board
  • Post open positions in diverse outlets
  • Ensure DEI issues are prioritized in hiring processes by engaging the expertise of the UA Little Rock Multicultural Center
  • Support the Friends of KLRE/KUAR Board in its goal to increase diversity among its membership
  • Form and track partnerships and collaborations with diverse organizations in our region
  • Provide a diverse variety of voices and vendors during fundraising efforts

Organizational Development

  • Write KLRE/KUAR’s organizational values with specific attention to DEI
  • Review and rewrite the KLRE/KUAR DEI statement
  • Complete annual DEI training for staff in an effort to recognize and reduce bias in news reporting, cultural programming, and interpersonal interactions
  • Complete news-specific DEI training for news and programming staff
  • Seek staff membership on the university’s DEI committee
  • Establish a KLRE/KUAR DEI ad hoc committee
  • Facilitate a diversity and inclusion book club to further an environment of open dialogue and belonging among staff


KLRE/KUAR's gender/ethnic composition is as follows:

-Full Time Paid Staff (11 employees): 7 women, 4 men; 2 minority
-Part Time Paid Staff (3 employees): 1 woman, 2 men; 1 minorities
-Friends of KLRE/KUAR Board of Directors (20 members): 12 women, 6 men; 3 minorities

(KLRE and KUAR are licensed to the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas, which has governance responsibilities that are not specific to or limited to broadcast stations.)