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Ceremony To Honor Central Arkansas Musicians


The first Central Arkansas Music Awards ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday night at the Ron Robinson Theater in Little Rock.

Arkansas Sounds Music Coordinator John Miller says many area artists have shown interest in the event and want it to grow into something beyond a one-night ceremony.

“There’s a lot of folks that really kind of want to hopefully spur this into a bigger recognition of Arkansas artists and hopefully maybe that will spur something along the lines of a music hall of fame or something like that,” Miller said.

This inaugural celebration is a joint venture between the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies and The Arkansas Times. The evening will include a mixture of awards in 22 categories and performances by musicians from a variety of genres.

“We’ve tried really hard to be inclusive,” said Miller. “We’re not just talking about rock ‘n’ roll folks and a couple of country acts. We’ve got awards for classical music, for cover design, for production, for local legend award, best supporting role in the scene.” 

Tickets and more information about the awards ceremony can be found here.