Arkansas Governor Orders Levee Review After Arkansas River Flood

Jun 27, 2019

Gov. Asa Hutchinson, surrounded by Arkansas lawmakers and officials, announcing the creation of a task force to study the state's levees.
Credit Governor's Office / You Tube

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has ordered a review of the state's levees and is asking lawmakers to approve $10 million for immediate repairs after historic flooding along the Arkansas River.

On Thursday Hutchinson signed an executive order to create the Arkansas Levee Task Force to study and analyze the condition of the state's levees. Hutchinson said the panel will have about 20 members and will make recommendations to him by December 31 on ways to improve monitoring and maintenance of the state's levee system.

Several Arkansas levees were affected by the flooding that began in late May, including one in western Arkansas that was breached. Hutchinson said the flooding revealed many weaknesses in the state's levee system.