Arkansas River Tops Two Levees As Flooding Worsens

May 28, 2019

Water from the Arkansas River tops a levee at Toad Suck in Perry County Tuesday. It's one of two levees to be impacted so far as the river continues to swell.
Credit KATV-Channel 7

State emergency officials say the Arkansas River has topped two levees in Arkansas, where historic flooding has inundated some communities.

A spokeswoman for the state Department of Emergency Management says flood waters overtopped a levee in Toad Suck, a community about 27 miles northwest of Little Rock. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports the levee protects nearly 300 people.

Department spokeswoman Barbara Hager says officials had warned residents of impending flooding but hadn't implemented mandatory evacuations. She says the flooding will eventually close state highway 60.

Hager says a second levee near mostly farmland in Paris, Arkansas, was also flooded. The area is about 90 miles northwest of Little Rock.

No injuries have been reported.

Widespread flooding is occurring in the area along the Arkansas-Oklahoma border.