Arts Scene: Illustrator Sally Nixon

Jan 21, 2020

Credit Sally Nixon

Sally Nixon is an expert at capturing the beauty of the mundane, and at times, the underappreciated. 

For being so unique and idiosyncratic, Nixon's works have a deeply personal, familiar feel to them.  You might recognize that overly-tanned grandpa from your trip to Miami Beach, or maybe you were once the little girl reading in a 1990s-era inflatable chair. 

The details are everything in Nixon's work, and that's best exemplified by her seek-and-find book for grownups, "Houseplants and Hot Sauce" available from Chronicle Books. 

The Little Rock-based illustrator spoke with Arts Scene fresh off of her lates 365-day drawing challenge, posting one vignette on Instagram each day of the year. 

Nixon spoke about her love of her craft, and how sheer dilligence helped to form her personal style.