Arts Scene: Organist, Justin Bischof/Exec. Director Of The Ark. Festival Ballet, Janet Aronson

May 15, 2016

Justin Bischof

The Intimate Neighborhood Concert Series has been a most successful addition to the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra season, initiated in January 2013. That concert, the first of the series, is also memorable for the guest soloist and organist, Justin Bischof, performing the concerto by Francis Poulenc. Dr. Bischof is particularly noted for his exceptional ability as an improviser on the organ, which was heard when he followed the aforementioned concerto with an encore on the initials Philip Mann, the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra's Music Director Conductor. Dr. Bischof is the guest on today's program and when asked, he filled in some of his early days for Arts Scene host, Ann Nicholson.

Next weekend, May 20-22, Friday-Sunday, the Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theater will be awash with characters from the ever popular story "Peter Pan," as created by Arkansas Festival Ballet in it's annual "Story Book" presentation. Apart from the traditional "Nutcracker" at Christmas time, these Spring "gifts" to the young in Little Rock are among the few to be around, presented with the care and attention to detail given by the Festival Ballet's Artistic Director and Choreographer, Rebecca Stalcup.

Executive Director of the company, Janet Aronson, is Nicholson's second guest, to give everyone some idea of what goes on behind the scenes and to talk about some other events which have involved the company this season.