Arts Scene: Performers Bob Paisley and Joe Graves

Apr 29, 2019

Bob Paisley
Credit Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni / Nux Photography

This episode of the Arts Scene takes us back to the Arkansas Repertory Theatre's 40th anniversary. 

The Rep's 2015-2016 season featured a series of three one-person shows. In this episode, we speak with two performers; Bob Paisley  and Joe Graves. 

Paisley brought his likeness to the famous Arkansan President Bill Clinton in a staging of "Bill Clinton: Hercules" by Rachel Mariner.

Joe Graves, a Rep audience favorite, brought Homer's epic The Iliad to life in the one-man adaptation of what's said to be the oldest story in western literature. 

Arts Scene's Ann Nicholson spoke with Paisley and Graves about their performances. 

This program originally aired on 4/21/2019.