Bike Polo Takes Over McArthur Park

Jun 25, 2016

Bike polo players warm up for the Summer Solstice Slam at McArthur Park.
Credit Photo by Jared Rickman

Little Rock's Bike Polo club is hosting its third Summer Solstice Slam at McArthur Park this weekend, featuring 22 teams from around the region, including four from Little Rock.

Bike polo is just like it sounds—the classic game played by aristocracy on horseback converted to bicycles on a hard surface.

Jared Rickman, one of a core group of players who have made Little Rock something of a hub of bike polo events over the last few years, said the public is invited to watch the tournament, which was expected to run into the early evening Sunday.

"We really encourage heckling," Rickman said. "It makes us play better."

He said spectators can bring coolers of beer. Tarps will be set up for shade and a small splash pool to help beat the heat.

"We have water guns and a pool and try to keep everybody wet the whole time," Rickman said with a laugh.