Clarke Tucker Launches Second TV Ad In Run For Congress

May 4, 2018

Second Congressional District candidate Clarke Tucker is out with his second television ad in as many weeks. Tucker is in a four-person Democratic primary contest along with Jonathan Dunkley, Paul Spencer, and Gwen Combs. His campaign fundraising totals have eclipsed the rest of the field's combined total.

The new ad takes up a centrist issue and tone, in a primary race typified by candidates embracing the term progressive. The ad focuses on employment for veterans and portrays Tucker as a bi-partisan leader saying, "In Congress, I'll work with anyone." 

Tucker is running for the Democratic nomination to take on incumbent Republican French Hill for the central Arkansas U.S. House seat. Paul Spencer, Jonathan Dunkley and Gwen Combs are also seeking the Democratic nomination. Combs is the only veteran in the race. She served in the Air Force.

The primary election is May 22nd. Early voting begins Monday, May 7th,