Collaborative Journalism: NPR and Member Stations Working Together to Cover America

Jun 19, 2018

Every day, NPR and Member stations are working together to tell the story of the whole country from everywhere in the country.

Why Journalism Matters. Good information about where you live — your town, your region, your country — is a foundation of our democracy. But it's harder to get.

Why NPR and local stations. Public media can address these gaps and create a more civil, more connected society.

No other news organization has the kind of on-the-ground reach of public radio. We are positioned to do it: we are in communities across the nation. With some 400 NPR staff journalists and another 1,800 journalists at more than 200 stations across America, public radio is already an essential part of people's lives. The opportunity now is to share expertise between our journalists to make our local, regional and national stories even better — and to plan coverage together so we're out front in identifying and explaining emerging trends and themes.

Why a Collaborative Network. We need to use the power of the network to leverage the talent we already have.

Collaborative journalism is about connecting all these reporters so they can do their work more effectively and efficiently. That means building out the technology that reporters at NPR and stations can use to work on individual stories together. It means providing training to public radio journalists so we can all do our best work. By collaborating in new and better ways, NPR and Member Stations can:

  • Cover breaking news more efficiently and resourcefully
  • Increase ambitious investigative reporting projects
  • Hire and deploy more beat reporters to cover specific topics
  • Bring more local and regional stories by stations to NPR's national programs
  • Enrich national programming with voices and perspectives from communities across America

We're already working together to build coverage around expertise on beats and topics. Nearly 100 stations are already part of one or more of NPR's reporting collaborations, including some teams focused on health policy, education, military and veterans, energy and the environment, music, criminal justice, arts, and race, gender and identity.

The Collaborative Journalism Network is all about building those systems together, so that NPR and Member stations can report on the news and cover important issues like no other news organization. Local journalism makes national coverage better, and national journalism makes local coverage better. Working together, NPR and Member stations can continue to grow our mission and public service.

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