Encyclopedia Of Arkansas Minute: Ozark Golden Wedding Jubilee

Jul 2, 2019

While it was likely a stunt to promote tourism in the area, the short-lived Ozark Golden Wedding Jubilee did recognize long-term marriages as couples renewed their vows. Sponsored by the Rogers Chamber of Commerce, the jubilee celebrated fifty-year marriages while also recognizing a newlywed “honor couple” that would get a week-long honeymoon in Rogers.

The first jubilee was held June 23rd, 1949, and seventy-eight couples repeated their vows in a ceremony led by Reverend J.H. Martin on the steps of the Harris Hotel. The “honor” couple were pre-med students who had been married on a radio show. The second and final jubilee was held June 16th, 1950, with 117 couples renewing their vows. Both events were followed by a parade with the “honor couple” riding a surrey. A reception at the Lake Atalanta Lakeside Skating Rink followed, with all participants receiving a “Golden Wedding Certificate of Re-Marriage” from the chamber. 

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