Gas Prices In Arkansas Expected To Remain Stable For Holiday Motorists

Dec 17, 2018

Gas prices are expected to remain stable over the holiday travel season.
Credit AAA

Motorists in Arkansas can expect the price of gas to hover just over two dollars per gallon, according to experts.

Mike Right, a spokesman for Triple A says this holiday season could be busier than most as far as travel is concerned.

"We're predicting that the Christmas, New Year's holiday period this year will set an all-time record. We're anticipating 112 million Americans will be on the highways, the airways, the railways over this holiday period and that's an increase over last year of 4.4 percent," said Right.

Predictions of travel numbers are based on perceptions of the strength of the U.S. economy, low unemployment, as well as the price of gas. The current average for a gallon of gas in Arkansas is $2.04.

Right says recent fluctuations in fuel prices were the result of a drop in production from Russia and decreased exports from OPEC nations, but the U.S. has a strong inventory of both crude oil and gasoline.