How NPR Staffers Create Space For Zen

May 4, 2020

Here's how NPR staffers are practicing mindfulness and getting by during this pandemic.

Kathleen Hoang, Manager of Business Partner Operations.

"I'm creating space for zen by trying to stretch every morning and night while listening to soothing music!"-Kathleen Hoang, Manager of Business Partner Operations. Follow her on Instagram, @HoangKath.

Brigit Benestante NPR Shop's classic outline logo sweatpants.

"I'm in the branded sweatpants with socks and sandals stage of WFH."-Brigit Benestante, Corporate Communications Senior Associate. Follow her on Instagram @BrigitB.

Reed McDonough creates space and time for yoga to decompress.

"My favorite yoga teachers (husband and wife duo, Sam Breschi and Catherine Zack) are streaming live yoga classes every day on Zoom. Each morning, I drag myself out of bed and show up on my mat. We check in briefly before each class to say hello. We all cue up the Spotify playlist we've been sent beforehand for this class. Normally, there are around five people in a class. (I force myself to turn on my camera, for accountability, or else I will just sit there like a potato.)

This daily yoga practice has helped me keep rhythm, routine, and peace of mind. I light candles to create a space for myself. I have two dogs who will capitalize on any opportunity to get a belly rub and they make their presence known. They make me laugh. The classes keep me calm. And It all reminds me that I have support. Community. I am not alone. I know this is a privilege and I am grateful.

The virtual yoga class is from the DailyVinyasa."-Reed McDonough, EA Development.

1Xtra Jamaica 2020.

"I have been listening to new music from The Weekend and J Balvin: all pure fire. But the one performance that's been keeping me sane is this International Women's Day Performance from Naomi Cowan, Lila Ike, Sevanna and Jaz Elise. It takes me to a place of pure bliss." -Kendra Gaskin, Manager, Talent Relations & Events.

Quality time with my pup Fez and sunshine.

"Vibing out to music, spending quality time with my pup Fez and soaking up as much natural sunlight as I can keeps my spirits high."- Anaïs Laurent, Publicist, Media Relations.

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