Little Rock Mayor-Elect Frank Scott Jr. Announces Transition Team

Dec 17, 2018

Then-Little Rock mayoral candidate Frank Scott Jr. during a debate co-hosted by KUAR on Oct. 15, 2018.
Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

Two weeks before Little Rock Mayor-elect Frank Scott Jr. takes office, on Monday he announced the members of a transition team who will help him plan the city’s future. There will also be eight citizen-led subcommittees that will look at issues like education, economic development, public safety and quality of life.

In an interview with KUAR News, Scott said they’ll begin work shortly after he’s sworn in on Jan. 1. After meeting for about 60 days, a final transition report is to be delivered to Scott by the end of February, about a month before he’ll present his State of the City address.

"These 11 individuals, who come from every corner of the city of Little Rock, have a great amount of experience, expertise and leadership within our city and abroad, are all coming together to give their time to serve their city. I couldn’t be more happy and proud," Scott said.

The members of the transition team include:

  • Dr. Jay Barth, chair of the Arkansas Board of Education
  • Gus Blass, III, businessman
  • Tamika Edwards, executive director of Philander Smith College’s Social Justice Institute
  • State Sen. Joyce Elliott
  • Kathryn Hazelett, former director of education policy at Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
  • Baker Kurrus, attorney, former Little Rock mayoral candidate, former Little Rock School District superintendent
  • Cristina Monterrey, attorney
  • Antwan Phillips, attorney
  • Will Rockefeller, vice-president of Winrock Farms
  • John Rutledge, CEO of First Security Bank
  • Dr. Sarah Tariq, president of Harmony Health Clinic

While it hasn’t been determined exactly what the team will be doing, Dr. Jay Barth said he’s happy to be participating.

"I’m very thrilled to be asked and to be a part of this important time in the future of our city," Barth said. "This is still pretty fresh so we don’t know yet what role we will play as individuals in this transition, but I think it reflects the unifying aspect of his campaign and it’s a very diverse group by almost any measure."