Little Rock Police Department Adopts New Recruiting Strategies

May 21, 2018

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola and Police Chief Kenton Buckner unveil a new website designed to attract more candidates to the Little Rock Police Department
Credit David Monteith / KUAR News

The Little Rock Police Department hopes a new hiring process and financial incentives will keep the department fully staffed.

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola joined Police Chief Kenton Buckner at the unveiling of a new website designed to attract candidates. A $5,000 bonus and a 5 percent annual raise are part of the financial package being offered to new recruits.

“Becoming a police officer in this country has come under a lot of stress and strain in the last couple of years,” Stodola said, “and certainly we saw our share of resignations, retirements, and vacancies and very aggressive recruiting over the past year and a half has helped us fill those 81 police vacancies.”

The mayor said an additional bonus is available to new officers who choose to live or rent within city limits. The department has been criticized for not requiring its officers to live in the city they patrol.