March Madness In Arkansas Legislature: Resolution Cries Foul On NCAA Refs

Mar 23, 2017

Credit Univ. of Arkansas

The Arkansas Razorbacks loss to North Carolina in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament this week was hard to swallow for many Hogs fans. State Senators Keith Ingram and Jeremy Hutchinson, tongues firmly in cheek, determined the Arkansas Legislature should absolve the Hogs for their loss and instead officially condemn the officiating.

In a very real Senate Resolution filed on Thursday, sponsors state the Natural State has been devastated.

"...[the loss] left fans trying to find the strength to carry on, children crying, grown men weeping, cows unable to produce milk, chickens ceasing to lay eggs, and lambs lying with lions;"

The resolution continues, calling on the NCAA to do something to educate their referees so that others may avoid such pain in the future.

"WHEREAS, to protect any school and fan from such highway robbery in the future, the NCAA Committee on Officiating, Refreshments, and Trinket Sales should make the video of the dastardly call mandatory viewing for any current or future NCAA basketball officials so that no other school should suffer and endure such a cruel and undeserved fate at the hands and whistle of a pinhead dressed in stripes..."

You can check out "the dastardly call" and another questionable officiating decision here.

While hearts may be broken after the Sweet Sixteen-blocking loss, Arkansas House members did get some joy this year. Many were watching from laptops on the House floor earlier in the week when Arkansas defeated Seton Hall in the first round of March Madness.