McCain Blasts Inaction On Syria During Little Rock Visit

Apr 12, 2013

Sen. John McCain addresses an audience in the Barry L. Travis Exhibition Hall of the Robinson Center Fri. night.
Credit photo by Oran Hardcastle

Former Presidential candidate and lion of the U.S. Senate John McCain said in Little Rock Friday night President Obama’s resistance to arming freedom fighters in Syria was “shameful.”

McCain spoke as part of the Clinton School of Public Service’s Public Programs series. 

“I’m not here to bash the President of the United States,” said the one-time war prisoner of the North Vietnamese, “but this is one of the most shameful chapters in the history of our country.” 

The administration announced yesterday the U.S. will supply flack jackets to the Syrian rebels. “I’m sure that’s of great comfort to these fighters while the Scud missiles are exploding,” McCain said sarcastically.

His warnings about the seriousness of the Syrian situation came during the question and answer period following his address, which consisted of general observations about public service after more than 50 years on the public payroll.

During those remarks, McCain gave credit to former President Clinton for normalizing diplomatic relations with Vietnam, saying at every stage in the process, “President Clinton did the right thing.”