More Lawsuits Filed In Little Rock Police Use Of No-Knock Warrants

Aug 8, 2019

Attorney Mike Laux, Little Rock resident Lloyd St. Clair – who was shot three times during a no-knock raid – and attorney Benjamin Crump during a press conference on Dec. 18. St. Clair is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit announced Thursday.
Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

Attorneys have filed four new federal lawsuits alleging that Little Rock's use of no-knock warrants in police drug raids violated the U.S. Constitution.

Civil rights attorneys Benjamin Crump and Mike Laux said Thursday the lawsuits against the City of Little Rock and officers with the Little Rock Police Department demonstrate police falsely obtained affidavits and were unreasonable in searches of residences.

The lawyers first raised the issue of no-knock warrants in a suit filed by Roderick Talley, who claimed police lied to obtain an affidavit before using explosives to enter his apartment and storming through it. Laux says the lawyers no longer represent Talley, who was arrested last month after filming a traffic stop in southwestern Arkansas.

City Attorney Tom Carpenter did not respond to a request for comment. A Police Department spokesman declined comment.