More Rain, Possible Flooding In Store For Arkansas

Feb 18, 2019

Heavy rain could mean more flooding in Arkansas.
Credit National Weather Service

Heavy rains are predicted throughout the week for much of Arkansas. According to the National Weather Service, the eastern part of the state could see as much as 8 inches of total accumulation over the next several days.

"What this is likely to cause is prolonged issues with the rivers," said Brian Smith, a senior forecaster with the National Weather Service. "We are expecting continued river flooding, especially along the White River, the Black River basin, as well as the Cache River. We could see some flash flooding issues in places as well."

Flooding caused road and school closures in several parts of the state last week. A non-mandatory evacuation order was issued to residents south of Newport because of concerns about the stability of a levee along the White River.

Central Arkansas is predicted to receive up to 4 inches of precipitation over the course of the week. Rain is expected to begin late Monday night and continue off and on through Sunday.