Much Of Arkansas Under Freeze Watch Starting Friday Night

Nov 8, 2018

Credit National Weather Service

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze watch for most of Arkansas from Friday night through Saturday morning. Temperatures are forecast to drop as low as the mid or lower 20s. Areas as far south as Camden are expected to be impacted.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist Dennis Cavanaugh says the watch is not a prediction of what this year’s winter will be like.

"We’re hitting our first freeze just about the time we normally do from year to year. So it’s not all that out of the ordinary. And it’s not necessarily indicative of a warmer or cooler winter than average,” Cavanaugh said.

While driving conditions should be safe, Cavanaugh says people should prepare for cooler temperatures and dress appropriately when going outside. He also advises bringing in houseplants and pets to keep them safe. People should also keep an eye on their pipes.

"Temperatures are going to be down into the mid to lower 20s in some locations. So if you have exposed pipes, something like that, it might be a good idea to either insulate them or let the water drip so your pipes don’t freeze on you," Cavanaugh said.

This is the coldest weather so far this season in Arkansas.