Nature In The Natural State: Arkansas' Eco-Regions

Sep 6, 2019

Do you know Arkansas’s six natural divisions? They are also called eco-regions, meaning that each one is defined by a different geology, climate, soil, and variety of species.

They are the Ozark Highlands, spanning the northernmost part of Arkansas; the Ouachita Mountains to the south, containing the highest point in the state; the Arkansas Valley, where the Arkansas River separates the Ozarks from the Ouachitas; the Gulf Coastal Plain in the south; and the Mississippi Embayment, comprising the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, or Delta, and Crowley’s Ridge.

The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission has established 75 natural areas throughout these six ecoregions.

The natural areas contain plants and animals of original ecosystems that have lain undisturbed or been restored.

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