Nature In The Natural State: Oak Trees

Sep 6, 2019

Are you concerned about climate change? One action to take in response is to plant an oak tree, preferably quercus alba, the white oak.

Why an oak? The white oak supports more moths and butterflies than any other tree species—over 500, according to the latest research. These insects are essential for nature’s food web, on which we all depend, to function.

Oaks grow slowly but can live for 200 years or more and will reach a height of 80 feet. During all that time, the oak will produce oxygen and water vapor, act as a carbon sink by pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, filter pollutants from the air, produce acorns that more than 100 vertebrate species consume, create shade, combat climate change, and finally—the oak will be a beautiful living thing.

Plant an oak this fall.