No More Separate Speed Limits For Trucks, Cars On Interstates In Arkansas

Mar 16, 2015

Trucks will now have the same speed limits as all other vehicles on Arkansas interstates.

New speed limits for big-rig trucks take effect Monday when Highway Department crews fan out around the state to take down the old signs.

The speed limit for trucks will now be the same as it is for cars in Arkansas—70 miles-an-hour on most interstates. Since 1996, trucks traveling in Arkansas have had a speed limit of 65 miles-an-hour, five miles-an-hour slower than passenger vehicles. 

Highway Department Spokesman Danny Straesle said that caused congestion because trucks were unable to pass one another, stacking up cars wanting to go faster behind them. 

The state Highway Commission voted the change in last Wednesday, but today is the day the old signs will actually be removed. 

Straesle emphasized the posted speed limit is still the authority in any given area until the sign is removed.