Play List November 23, 2013

Dec 4, 2013

Special Willie Nelson program featuring music from To All The Girls

Wynona Judd  - Bloody Mary Morning (To All The Girls)
Emmylou Harris - One Paper Kid (Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town)
Mavis Staples  - Grandma's Hands (To All The Girls)
Dolly Parton  - From Here To The Moon (To All The Girls)
Shelby Lynn - Till The End Of The World (To All The Girls)
Carrie Underwood  -  Always On My Mind (To All The Girls)
Willie & Lucas Nelson - Home In San Atone (Heroes)
Norah Jones - Walkin' (To All The Girls)
Norah Jones - If The Law Don't Want You (Kin)
Rosanne Cash - Please Don't Tell Me (To All The Girls)
Secret Sisters - It Won't Be Very Lone (To All The Girls)
Willie Nelson - I'm Movin' On (Remember Me Vol 1)
Willie Nelson - Stay A Little Longer (Shotgun Willie)