Repeal And Then...

Jul 21, 2017

Arkansas’s U.S. Senators Boozman and Cotton say they both support repealing without immediately replacing the Affordable Care Act. That comes as support for GOP-crafted healthcare legislation tears apart at the seams. Meanwhile, Gov. Asa Hutchinson suggests it may be time for a bipartisan approach.

Also on the podcast:

-An Arkansan has a voice on President Donald Trump’s Vote Fraud Commission, which met for the first time. Turns out Arkansas is also uniquely situated as the only state to submit its voters data to the commission.

-Former Circuit Judge Mike Maggio reports to federal prison to serve his 10 year sentence for bribery. Is he remorseful about reducing a jury verdict in exchange for campaign cash?

-After 40 years, Riverfest is no more. Organizers say the musical acts are getting too pricey.