Return of the Gar

Jul 30, 2015

On this episode of Arts & Letters, we talk with writer, fisherman, ecologist and University of Central Arkansas professor Mark Spitzer.  His new book, Return of the Gar, published by the University of North Texas Press (as part of its Southwestern Writing Series) is a sequel of-sorts to his first book Season of The Gar: Adventures in Pursuit of America's Misunderstood Fish, published by the University of Arkansas Press—the first accessible book-length study of the gar in the English language.

The second largest freshwater fish in North America—the oft misunderstood alligator gar—is a fish that can grow up to twelve feet long and well over 300 pounds. Because of their scary-looking faces and man-eating size, they've been demonized as “devil-fish” and monsters.

We also speak with two gar researchers, Lindsey Lewis of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and biologist Reid Adams, also a professor at the University of Central Arkansas.

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Lindsey Lewis of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service holds the skull of an alligator gar.
Credit Chris Hickey

Dr. Reid Adams of the University of Central Arkansas poses beneath a longnose gar.
Credit Chris Hickey

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Sioux City Kid
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