Small Businesses Being Guided As Health Insurance Expands

Jan 12, 2015

Arkansas small business owners have the opportunity to learn more about the state’s health insurance marketplaces during a free webinar Tuesday. The on-line seminar will explore topics related to the costs and benefits of using the marketplaces.

Edward Haddock with the Small Business Administration said the information presented will be relevant even as the Arkansas Legislature discusses the future of healthcare in the state.

“We’re not looking forward to any major changes. What we are looking to do is inform and educate our small businesses about what’s currently going on. As those changes come up we’ll be leaning out to try to make sure that information is broadcast to our small businesses here in Arkansas,” said Haddock.

Mary Timmel of the Small Business Majority added that “small employers are great conduits of information.” She believes informing sole proprietors and owners of small businesses is an important step in the process of navigating the healthcare system under the Affordable Care Act.

The webinar is free from 1 p.m.– 2 p.m., but registration is required. More details and information about how to registration can be found here. Webinars on the same topic will be repeated on January 20 and February 4.