State Police Join National Texting-While-Driving Crackdown

Apr 11, 2015

 Drivers who use their cell phones for texting, email or surfing the internet while driving will be targeted by the Arkansas State Police beginning Monday.

ASP is taking part in a national law enforcement campaign called, "U Drive. U Text. U Pay." 

Stepped-up, intense patrols will use "low-pro," unmarked vehicles. Officers will look for the effects of distracted driving, such as crossing the center line or following too closely.

They'll try to ease up beside motorists exhibiting those traits to see if they're using their phones or hand-held devices. 

Arkansas law prohibits the use of such a devise for texting, typing, email or any other internet use while driving, regardless of the driver's age. 

Drivers 18-and-under are prohibited from using their phones at all, and those 18-20 may only use a hands-free devise. 

Violations of cell-phone driving laws are primary offenses in Arkansas, meaning officers may stop a vehicle on suspicion of those violations without having to observe other offenses.