Survey Reveals Cheaper Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 22, 2015


When you sit down to that Thanksgiving meal later this week, among the things to express gratitude for is the cost of the meal itself.

An Arkansas Farm Bureau survey shows it will cost about a dollar less than last year to prepare that meal. For a family of ten, that’s down from $46.23 a year ago to $45.25 this year.  

"The fact that the price of the holiday meal has remained so stable over the past 30 years, and especially this year, is a testament to (Arkansas farmer's) efficiency and their ability to hold down the cost of production," said Farm Bureau spokesman Ken Moore.

Moore said the results of the annual survey are particularly impressive given the climatologic obstacles farmers have had to overcome this year—record heavy rains in the spring followed by four months of drought.

The annual survey of Thanksgiving dinner costs is conducted by the Arkansas Farm Bureau’s Women’s Committee at 11 grocery stores and supermarkets around the state.