Upgrade Your Calls With NPR-Themed Zoom Backgrounds

Apr 27, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the world is relying on video conferencing now more than ever before to work, socialize, and stay connected.

If you're less than enthusiastic about your boss glimpsing your personal space, or you're just looking to switch it up from your boring bedroom wall, we've got you covered with ten NPR-themed Zoom backgrounds.

These days, our hosts are constructing makeshift studios out of pillows and shower curtains, but you can chat with your friends from a real NPR studio with this background:

Zoom Background: NPR Studio

Or you can swap out your cluttered work-space with the NPR newsroom:

Zoom Background: NPR Studio

Bookshelf looking a little bare? No worries — go ahead and borrow Bob Boilen's iconic Tiny Desk setup:

Zoom Background: Tiny Desk

And in between your video calls, check out the Coronavirus Daily podcast, listen to an intimate Tiny Desk (Home) Concert, or tune into the How I Built This live stream with Guy Raz for the full NPR experience.

Browse the entire collection of NPR-themed Zoom background images, designed to jazz up your Zoom atmosphere on any call. Just download any from our suite of ten, crack open your Zoom client, and, in the settings menu, look for the option titled "Virtual Backgrounds." Click "Add Image" then select the image you want.

Finally, WFH in NPR style!

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