Jazz Network

Overnight on KUAR, 10 p.m.-5 a.m.
  • Hosted by Greg Bridges, Lee Thomas

Here something great last night? Jazz Network playlists are posted on the Jazz Network website.

The Jazz Network is produced by WFMT in Chicago. It's hosted by Greg Bridges and Lee Thomas. During 2015 you may still hear archived hours of the Jazz Network's longtime host Bob Parlocha. Learn more about Parlocha's life and legacy at his website.

WFMT Radio Network

Bob Parlocha, longtime jazz musician and radio host died Sunday after suffering a heart attack. He was 76.

The WFMT Radio Network, which distributes Parlocha’s Jazz Network – known to KUAR listeners as Jazz with Bob Parlocha – says the longtime jazz musician and radio host had been rehabilitating from an illness over the past year and the heart attack was unexpected.