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52nd Street Jazz

Host John Cain plays jazz from his personal collection and the KUAR library. He focuses on the different eras of Jazz and its connections to various art disciplines and cultures.

"My concept of Jazz is that it's world music -- to borrow a phrase from Duke Ellington," he said.

John’s chops are in Jazz preservation. He’s been involved with Jazz on a musical and cultural level for 66 years promoting shows, heritage and Black History. As John puts it, he’s "a master advocate for Jazz."

Over the last 43 years he's worked throughout the southeast to preserve America's original art form in Birmingham, Atlanta and throughout Arkansas.

The state is geographically suited, set on the Jazz highway that is the Mississippi River, to have made a few notable contributions to the art form's history, he says.

"Jazz flowed upriver on the Mississippi, that's how jazz spread, right through Arkansas.”

By day, John is Program Director of community radio station KABF 88.3 FM "The Voice of the People."