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Arkansas’s Amazing Place Names # 1


What does the name of a place tell us about the people who live there or the

place itself?

Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

Sometimes, the name tells us about the actual place: the geography of the area,

the location, the plants or animals there.

Sometimes the name will give us insight into the history of the place and how it

was part of the times in which it was established.

And sometimes, a name is just, well, interesting.

From the name of our state, to our counties, to the cities and towns of all sizes,

Arkansas is blessed by an abundance of place names that provide us with great

stories, and often confuse travelers by our pronunciations.

Discovering the origins of Arkansas names tells us about our history, our dreams,

and our state. Each name has a tale to tell, and I hope you will join me in a

journey across our state and our history as we explore Arkansas’s Amazing Place


Daniel Boice, University of Arkansas at Monticello