Faulkner County

Salfalko via Flickr, Creative Commons

People with outstanding warrants for a failure to appear in Faulkner County District Court or the city of Conway will have the opportunity to have those warrants dismissed during an amnesty court event on Friday.  

According to a news release, those with any failure to appear issues with citations from the Faulkner County Sheriff’s office or from Conway are able to appear from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. at the Faulkner County District Court to have their case added to District Judge Chris Carnahan’s docket. Carnahan said having a failure to appear warrant can create obstacles.

The moral of this story is the moment when the jury says, “Guilty” is not a good time to lose track of the defendant.

Twenty-four year old Rolandis Chatmon already had three previous felony convictions and a record of bad behavior in prison.

So, when a Faulkner County Circuit Court jury came back with a guilty verdict on three new counts of aggravated armed robbery and one theft-of-property charge, he knew the penalty would be bad.

So, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports, he ran.