Alexia Weimer Newly Named Arkansas' Teacher Of The Year

Nov 28, 2012

Arkansas’ 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year was honored on Wednesday during a ceremony at the state Capitol.

KUAR’s Kezia Nanda was there. You can listen to her report above.

Alexia Weimer (in the middle)
Credit Photo: Kezia Nanda

Alexia (Ali) Weimer was chosen by the state’s Teacher of the Year Selection Committee.

She teaches kindergarten at the Avondale Elementary School in the East Arkansas town of Marion. 

Kim Wilson won 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year and serves on the committee.

She says Weimer deserves the honor.

“After visiting Ali’s classroom, I have no doubts. Her children are up, they are singing, moving ... Within that 10 minutes, we saw her teach seven very important skills. Every single one of her students were happy and were excited about what they were doing,” said Wilson.

Weimer thanked her colleagues and family members and shared one of her most memorable memories being a teacher when a student asked her a question.

“ ‘Hey, Ms. Weimer did you drive here?’ And I said, ‘Well yes baby, I have to have a car to come to work.’ He said, ‘No, this isn’t your work.’ I said, ‘Yes, they pay me to come here.’ ‘No, this isn’t your work.’ And I said, ‘Yes, can you believe it? They pay me money to come hang out with you all day long.’ And he just got the biggest smile on his face. And I hope that I will never forget those words,” said Weimer.

When approached afterward, she said “I just feel very honored and privileged and I hope that I can make everyone proud and represent the state of Arkansas.”

She will receive a $15,000 check from the Walton Family Foundation which sponsors the annual award.