Losing Footing in the Outside World

Sep 6, 2013

For the UALR English Department, this is J. Bradley Minnick with Facts About Fiction.

In order to apply for the position, I’d forgotten now for what. I had to marry the second mayor’s daughter by 12 noon. 

After attending Alexander Meiklejohn's Experimental College at the University of Wisconsin and wandering through the countryside during the American Depression, leaving sheaves of his manuscripts in his wake, author Kenneth Patchen, writer of The Journal of Albion Moonlight, lost his footing in the outside world and was forced to bed.

Here Are The Facts: In 1959 because of a surgical mishap, Patchen could no longer sit, lie on his back or move without terrible pain. Patchen began mashing words and drawings together in painted books and picture poems. Painting, he said, “gave him air from the cramped bedroom” when “everything else, including the page” closed in.  

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