Pets And Their Parents Support Public Radio!

Feb 23, 2013

Neo, beloved pet of public radio’s Karen Tricot Steward, is hard at work updating our website, despite claims that it’s gone to the dogs! (Just kidding, we hope no one really thinks that!)

According to the American Veterinary Association, Arkansas ranks number one in the nation for dog ownership, with 47.9% of households owning a dog.

So it’s no surprise that when we issued a pet challenge during our recent one-day Saturday fund drive, listeners responded!

Development Director Mary Waldo and Content Development Director Karen Tricot Steward played a segment from This American Life about Ira Glass and the lengths he goes to in order to keep his dog happy.

“Karen and I are enthusiastic pet owners,” says Waldo. “It’s actually funny, because the night before our on-air fund drive I had bought these gift baskets that we would send to the first two people to make a pledge of a given amount, but I got so caught up in having a good time during the segment and reading poetry about pets that I totally forgot about the premium! So stay tuned to our next fund drive and we may actually give those away next time,” notes Waldo.

Waldo says the on-air fundraising shift that included the pet hour was the most successful of the entire day.

Shayna Sessler of Little Rock made her donation and says:

In honor of my cat Truman and my dog Memphis! Both listen to KUAR every day, though to be honest the cat thinks he's a little above it all. The dog and I love it.

Over the years, many of you have made pledges in honor of your furry loved ones!

Drew Van Patter of Little Rock says:

[KUAR FM 89.1 and KLRE Classical 90.5 are] the only two stations in Little Rock that my dial ever sees. I'll also let you know that I play Classical 90.5 for my dog when I'm not home. It keeps him from barking.

Brahm Driver of Little Rock shares this sentiment:

We are first time members, but we listen to KUAR all the time and we leave KLRE on for our dog when he's home alone during the day! Thank you for the enriching programs and keep up the good work!

It's our hope that no matter what the reason or motivation, listeners in central Arkansas keep supporting public radio for years and years to come!